Outrageous Rodman might just help peace

It was rather interesting observing news coverage of Dennis Rodman bringing a basketball team over to North Korea, but when they provided the public's feedback it was all derogative. Some said that it was a waste of time and money while others described it as being useless or just wrong. Rodman did step over the line by using his fame to bring a basketball game for the North Korean leader's birthday to a country that is one of the United States' biggest enemies. He also misspoke during his interview on CNN when he said that the American prisoner, Kenneth Bae, may have deserved his imprisonment in North Korea.

Rodman has since apologized for his comments. He had no right to play the judge, but Rodman's basketball team going to North Korea was his way of saying that we're not all that different. Fame exudes power. To know your enemy is to understand your enemy. Someone was bound to step over the line, no matter how talented, educated, conservative, liberal or flamboyant they are. Power carries responsibility. Rodman's actions were outrageous, but it still can be used as a stepping stone towards peace.

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