State tax forms become a data breach

The Connecticut Department of Labor said Friday that more than 10 percent of tax forms mailed to people who collected unemployment benefits last year contain printing errors.

The form, UC-1099G, contains correct information at the top but information at the bottom may be pertinent to another unemployment recipient, the department said.

The department determined that about 27,000 of 250,000 such forms were misprinted.

"The agency is in the process of determining which towns are associated with the printing error so staff will be able to better identify those claimants potentially affected by the error," the Labor Department said in a statement. "Because the forms contain social security numbers, the agency will also contact claimants that received incorrect forms to offer credit protection."

The state said it is reprinting the forms and will send corrected documents by mail. "The new mailing will contain the corrected 1099-G and an addressed, pre-paid envelope so the incorrect form can be mailed back to the Connecticut Department of Labor," the agency said.

Those who require corrected forms must go to the Department of Labor website,, and click on the blue button on the upper right-hand corner labeled "Unemployment Tax Form-1099G."


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