Day focused attention on pension problems

The Day has done a commendable job in analyzing Connecticut's pension problem and its history - "Financial Time Bomb," (Jan. 12).

The situation that caused the shortfall in funding the pensions still exist. The stakeholders have not changed: state workers, who tend to be single-issue voters; politicians, who at best are shortsighted and are self-serving; and taxpayers, who have many issues in their lives beside state pensions.

The governor's answer is similar to his answer to the unemployment statistics - he does not acknowledge the state has not grown in the last 20 years. Talented young people are leaving, as well they should, since the cost of living in the state is one of the highest. If the state should raise taxes to close the funding gap it would increase the exodus of young people, leaving an increasing percentage of people who want something from the state. But then the govenor will not be in office when the bill comes due.

A private firm would not be allowed to function in this manner. Why do we allow the state to do so?

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