North Stonington emergency services building could cost $2 million less

North Stonington - Architecture and engineering firm Silver/Petrucelli presented a pared-down plan Monday night for a new emergency services complex, suggesting that $2 million could be shaved off the cost of the original proposal.

Voters approved a $6.36 million project last summer, which called for a two-story, 18,000-square-foot building to replace the aging firehouse on Rocky Hollow Road and combine the facility with the town's ambulance service, located now on Mains Crossing.

Principal architect Dean Petrucelli told committee members Wednesday that a one-story building would mean both a more efficient use of space and significantly lower costs, particularly by eliminating the need for elevators and cutting down on unnecessary hallway space.

Monday's joint meeting was the first between Silver/Petrucelli and the Emergency Services Building Committee, which has formed a subcommittee to begin working on the initial design. The firm expects construction to begin in 2015 and wrap up by the end of that year.


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