Not church's role to police worker choices

Ironic that it is usually organized religion that circumvents Thomas Jefferson's ideal of a separation of church and state, then whines that their rights are being violated.

In this hubbub over the Affordable Care Act versus the Catholic Church, one argument seems to be missing from the discussion. A health care benefit is not some gift brought down from the mountain top and bestowed upon the lowly worker by the Holy See.

It is an earned benefit. Earned for work performed as is a paycheck, vacation pay, sick leave, a 401k, or a retirement plan.

It is the worker's property. No employer should dictate its workers' health care nor police their sex lives, especially not in the name of religion.

This is just such an abuse that Jefferson protected us from when he helped author the Bill of Rights over 225 years ago, and said, "Religion must be left to the conviction and conscience of every man."

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