Bacon fat caramel popcorn

Bacon fat caramel popcorn at the Engine Room in Mystic.
Bacon fat caramel popcorn at the Engine Room in Mystic.

You could use a snack right about now. I can tell.

So head over to Mystic. Go to the Engine Room, that new restaurant on Holmes Street. They opened just before the new year. Their focus is dry-aged beef burgers, and they’re good. But no time for that right now, because you should go straight for the bacon fat caramel popcorn ($5). In fact, you should probably just go ahead and place two orders now.

I’ve had my share of bacon-infused sweets, some better than others. I’m calling it right now: this is the best one yet. The caramel corn is so deliciously sweet and crunchy. The popcorn is not greasy in the least, nor does it force the bacon flavor on you. There’s a hint of bacon throughout, but not revoltingly so. Then you find little morsels of bacon – thick-cut, meaty, chewy and sweet.

This popcorn just might help make this winter a little more bearable. Cozy up to the bar for this "bar bite," as it's listed on the menu, and don’t forget to thank me with a to-go order. You know where I work.

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