Absence made heart grow fonder for NL

How happy I am to be back home after spending more than a decade away from New London. I first arrived in 1969, hired as a secretary under the Model Cities Program. I had to move to the city as a condition of employment. Various jobs came and went, but I remained as a New Londoner until I moved to provide care for my mother.

New London looks very good to me and seems to have a much livelier scene than I remember. I had heard about the food cooperative from friends in New York who had visited, and I was eager to check it out. Having a downtown bookstore is also much appreciated, and I'm thrilled that New London's only tavern is thriving.

Finally, I was completely impressed with the qualifications of our mayor as outlined in The Day's "40 Under 40" publication (an honor which he richly deserves). I was pleased to share a table with him and other councilors at the Martin Luther King luncheon at Shiloh Church, and as a Connecticut College graduate, it was great to see Katherine Bergeron, the incoming president of the college, at the march and service.

I look forward to many more years of enjoying our beautiful city.

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