Liberals/progressives fought social change

The writer of the letter, "Flower-power legacy one of positive change," (Jan. 28) should put the rose-colored glasses down and review history.

He paints conservatives as the villain in all these scenarios. Delusions of grandeur and Woodstock are prevalent in his misguided thinking and many of his generation.

Who fought to free the slaves? The conservatives. Who fought them, the liberals/progressives. Who fought to pass the Civil Rights Act? Conservatives. Who fought them? Liberals/progressives. Who created the greatest Ponzi Scheme ever (Social Security)? Liberals/progressives. Who gave us the dreaded progressive income tax? Guess?

Finally, who gave us the KKK? Yep, the Democrats (progressives/liberals). Learn your history before you try to lecture.

Editor's note: Mr. Reed is working as a contractor in Groton.

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