Systemic sexism clear in anti-abortion letter

The letter, "Productive lives lost to the evil of abortion," (Jan. 25), espouses a popular anti-abortion argument that embodies deep-rooted, systemic sexism because it seems to inherently characterize future inventors, peacemakers, and scientists in America as men.

People argue that aborted fetuses could have grown up to discover the cure for cancer, solved world hunger, etc. I say, healthy young women who are already grown and have received some education have a much more realistic chance of doing so.

Having a child that one is unprepared for in terms of financial and familial support forces some women to give up on educational or career-related pursuits.

Don't get me wrong - I know plenty of mothers who do amazing things. But I would like us all to keep the woman behind every potentially "productive life" in mind. She already exists and could just as well go on to do incredible things in the world as long as she has access to effective sexual education and is backed by a culture that respects her status as an individual who knows what is best for her body.

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