Republicans don't care about poverty in U.S.

Even though President Lyndon B. Johnson reduced the poor percentage from 19 percent to 11 percent, President Ronald Reagan declared poverty was inevitable.

Since then under President George H.W. and President George W. Bush it has climbed back up to 16 percent and young Turks in the GOP now proclaim the war a failure once again.

In 1925 President Calvin Coolidge candidly declared "The business of America is business." When President Herbert Hoover refused aid to the poor so as not to corrupt their character despite Hoovervilles dotting the map.

When Republican governors now reject Medicaid expansion of the ACA for their poor, how can Republicans expect anyone to believe the party of the rich and big business when they say Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (created by FDR and LBJ) are failures, and they will do better as they cut funding for food stamps.

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