An insult to Finizio and New London

I get The Day daily. Sometimes the news around our world isn't happy to read or photos to see.

Hatred is like the plague, it spews out disease to destroy and not to heal.

Reading the article, "Finizio outraged by Facebook link to Hitler," (Jan. 20), about Kathleen Mitchell who quickly took down the photo, made me think perhaps it should be checked every other minute. Destruction takes place in seconds.

Comparing Mayor Daryl Finizio to one of the world's most evil men is an insult not only to the mayor but also to the New London community. To add insult to injury the Whale Tales Facebook page is named after one of God's gentle giants. It's sacrilegious. How very sad.

If the creator of the site is so impressed with the speech of evilness, perhaps you should rename it Hate etc.. Satan would be pleased.

May father-in-law lost family in the Holocaust as did many other people. I was pleased to read you know some Jews. Now you have met another one.

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