Same old promises at State of the Union

Having just watched the State of the Union address, I felt compelled to voice my opinion.

What I and most Americans heard was the same hackneyed message espoused during his past two addresses, although delivered with updated "buzz words" and catchy bumper sticker phrases.

Either the president has no desire to fix America's economic problems, is totally arrogant and oblivious to we the people or he clearly is the lazy individual he told us he was. Perhaps his only agenda is to complete his promised transformation, no matter what the cost, personally and financially to Americans already hurting from his failed policies.

The often used metonymy, "The pen is mightier than the sword" clearly resonates. The president's threats to use his "pen and phone" to move his sole agenda along and bypassing the Congress should worry all Americans who have had any civics training. These veiled threats send one message and one message only; he has neither desire nor intention to work with Congress, as they are only obstacles to his progressive agenda that has little to do with making America great again.

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