Waterford selectmen OK public works budget

Waterford — The Board of Selectmen on Tuesday continued its series of departmental budget hearings and forwarded to the Board of Finance a $4,631,490 budget for the Department of Public Works.

The budget amount the board approved represents a decrease of roughly 0.7 percent from the department’s current budget.

Public Works Director Kristin Zawacki originally requested a budget of $4,781,490. But at Tuesday’s hearing, she told the board she could reduce the line item for solid waste disposal by $117,707 in order to avoid an increase in the budget.

The board chose instead to reduce the solid waste disposal line item by $150,000 and approved the $4,631,490 budget.

The next round of hearings —which is expected to focus on debt services, retirement and insurance — is scheduled for 5 p.m. Thursday at Town Hall.

Four years ago, as a result of a charter revision, the Board of Selectmen began reviewing all departmental budgets before the town budget is submitted to the Board of Finance. The finance board is slated to begin its own review in March.


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