Probe, nasty sign show petty vengeance

What kind of individual would place an offensive sign on the side of the road directed at another person, set up a surveillance camera in a tree and when the individual came by and removed it (like most people would), run to the police and file a complaint? Montville’s Gary Murphy, that’s who. What law enforcement agency would push this complaint relentlessly through our legal system resulting in a sixth-degree larceny charge? Montville’s police department led by Democratic Mayor Ron McDa niel, that’s who.

While some people in Montville associate the word “dump” with Christmas and the only place to meet friends; others, including myself, look at it less favorably — smelly garbage, rats, and maggots. It is no wonder that I viewed a “DUMP DANA” sign as offensive and demeaning. In the past two years as Montville’s lone Republican councilor, my outspoken attitude concerning the ethics of my Democratic counterparts (including Gary Murphy) was a major thorn in their side and it appears they’re looking for the last laugh.

 We as adults lead by example. Is this how-to-get-even approach the message we should be sending our children here in Montville?


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