Baby boomers ruined a nation second to none

This is in response to, "Flower power' youth dragged down a nation," (Jan. 20), and "Flower-power legacy one of positive change," (Jan. 28). I am a product of the era. The "greatest generation" gave birth to the flower children during the so-called progressive economic period 1945-1960. This economic movement was the result of those growing up in a depression/recession and surviving an epiphany called WWII.

Their offspring were appalled at the material and social excesses of the time, as well as the conservative viewpoints. Social change (equality) came slow.

The "flower children" embraced it along with drugs and rebelled against the establishment.

Some cling to lost youth and ideals, while enjoying the benefits of the foundation their parents put down 60-plus years ago. That "greatest generation" went to work post-1945, building America into a country second to none. Their baby-boomer offspring unraveled every precaution that was put into effect. The Great Depression was never supposed to occur again, but here we are in another "economic calamity."

As for liberal versus conservative, who knew it would mean 47 percent don't work or that unemployment, welfare and social security would be handed out like candy to get votes. The rest of us work and are taxed to death. The senator/representatives from the "flower power" times became millionaires, still rebelling while ruining the country.

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