Unlike Jesus, many priests avoid polemic

Pope Francis is abolishing the title of "monsignor." Now what are middle-age priests going to anticipate as a form of recognition and status? Maybe the mediocre priests will have to do or say something meaningful for a change.

Contemporary Catholic priests, including and especially bishops, say and do absolutely nothing controversial. Their sacred motto is: "If you want to blend, you must be bland." They make mediocrity look sensational. Their sermons at Mass sound so pleasing but the listener can't remember anything about them 10 minutes after leaving church.

The seminaries cultivate mediocre and discourage independent, creative, individualistic men; they leave the seminary or soon after ordination. The seminary profs don't want to be challenged intellectually, psychologically or spiritually.

Contemporary priests avoid making radical statements. One declaration they refuse to say is that pro-choice politicians such as Catholic Vice President Joe Biden are going to hell if they don't stop their support for legal abortion. No, the mediocre priest and bishops stay silent and the unborn children continue to be butchered.

Pope Francis should allow the bland padres to have their title monsignor which means, "my lord." Obviously they don't know the real Lord. His name is Jesus, who was very controversial and radical.

Joseph E. Vallely

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