Progressive policies distort free market

The current progressives' effort to extend unemployment benefits and raise the minimum wage is misguided.

Unemployment benefits were designed as a safety net, if necessary, between jobs. Unfortunately, unemployment benefits have become a decision point of "should I take the job or do I make more with unemployment?"

The current progressive thought is the need for a minimum wage of as much as $15. Minimum wage was never envisioned to be a living wage. Minimum wage was to prevent exploitation for entry-level positions or the inexperienced or unskilled worker. Minimum wage jobs, often the first job of teenagers and perhaps jobs used by people to fill a temporary void, a break in ones vocation, or as a means of extra income and experience.

With a minimum wage of $15, won't bargaining units insist on increases at the next opportunity to align their compensation with the market? Won't entrepreneurs raise their price points to meet the higher cost? Many minimum wage jobs result in tips for the worker. At $15 do we stop tipping? Isn't higher minimum wage just wealth redistribution?

Here is a novel idea, let the market and prosperity drive the wage with employers paying for skill set, experience, education and performance.

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