Conservative admits the liberals are winning

Anyone paying attention to politics can't help but notice the ideological squawking and bickering in media everywhere.

Liberals are winning. They control 80 percent of the media (UCLA media study) and have the upper edge. Why? Because college and university professors in academia-land duplicate lockstep carbon copies of themselves in doctoral grads hired by school systems who integrate liberal government education programs like CORE.

As a teacher, I used Harvard's nine personality types teaching method in my class.

The liberal mindset is a thinker/feeler. Liberals base their beliefs on principles, yet falsely believe they stand solely on facts. This emotional barb provokes intolerance within their psyche.

Conservatives (a dying breed) are staid in their beliefs too and perceive reality for what it is and refuse to accept what it could be based on their own experiences (Obama: you can keep your policy).

Liberals will not change impractical failing policies because of their principles. This means the Republican Party is done.

It is impossible to change a liberal into a realist because they will never, even to the death, admit being wrong.

Think Liberal policies aren't going to pot? Just ask Colorado.


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