Tell Me Something: Coach Gwudz names his all-time starting five

When he is not teaching social studies at Waterford High School, Greg Gwudz prowls the sidelines as head coach of the school’s boys basketball team.

Gwudz holds a master's degree in education as well as his sixth year in Educational Leadership, both from Sacred Heart University.

In 2012, Gwudz led the Lancers to the state title, the first basketball championship in the 55-year history of Waterford High.

When not playing before the reliably raucous crowds at their home gym, Gwudz’s Lancers can be found volunteering at St. James Church homeless shelter in New London and at the Strides Road Race at Camp Harkness.

Gwudz lives in Niantic with his wife, Megan, and son Wade.

Say you have a modern-day high school locker. Whose picture would be hanging in it?

My wife and son of course! And maybe one of Jason Varitek punching A-Rod in the face.

What's your favorite sandwich?

The Philly from Philly’s in Norwich. Unreal.

You're locked in a museum for a night, which one would it be?

The Louvre. I spent four hours there once, not nearly enough time. I accidentally ran into the Code of Hammurabi on the way out … The Code of Hammurabi! I didn’t even know it was there.

What’s your favorite poem?

“If” by Rudyard Kipling.

What’s your favorite word in a language other than English?


Other than your own, of course, what’s the best high school basketball team you’ve seen play?

Ok, I might get killed for this one, but I have to list three teams, all from New London.

1) 2000 New London team with Poblete, Tate, Sanders, Strong, Taylor….They didn’t win a state title, but they did beat a Lincoln team with Sebastian Telfair. Best game I ever watched. I’ll never forget when Sanders threw it down. The New London bleachers have never been the same since.

2) 1989 New London team with Rollins, Gittens, Lancaster … I was only six when my dad took me to watch them. It counts.

3) 2011 New London team. Dunn and Co. Any team that goes 27-0 deserves to be mentioned as one of the greatest teams ever for this area.

Sorry to have to tell you this, but an asteroid is going to wipe all humanity next week. So, what’s your last meal and who is coming to dinner?

My Nana’s macaroni. Add some meatballs and pork, chicken cutlets and Italian bread. Would make it a huge party. I’m inviting all of my family, friends. It would be an open invitation. Going out in style.

From the time of Naismith's peach basket to present day, who is your all-time starting five?

Great question! I’ve thought about this a lot.

1. Lebron James

2. Michael Jordan

3. Larry Bird

4. Tim Duncan

5. Bill Russell

Name an item you can’t live without:

Sad to say, but probably my cell phone.

Item you should live without and keep meaning to get rid of:

My high school practice jersey.

What’s the last television show you binge watched?


What Olympic event would you like to try?


If you present day you could give advice to younger you, what would say?

Don’t be in a rush, and spend as much time as possible with your family.

Last book you couldn’t put down:

“Killing Kennedy” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

You’re a DJ at a club. What’s the night’s last song?

“Sweet Caroline”…..bum bumb bummm!

What’s a word you can never spell correctly on the first try:


Which is better: Coffee or tea?


LeBron James or Michael Jordan?


Anagrams or palindromes?

Seeing that I just had to Google palindromes, I’ll go with anagrams.

2-3 zone or man to man?

Man to man.

What is your pet peeve?

People who cheat to get ahead.

What historical event would you like to have been witness to?

You can’t honestly ask a history teacher this and not expect a list. Here we go:

1) I would be standing behind the Grassy Knoll at Dealey Plaza.

2) Spend 6 years in Jerusalem starting in 30 A.D..

3) In the crowd for the Gettysburg Address.

4) At Lexington and Concord.

5) On the Senate steps when Julius Caesar was murdered.

What is your favorite place in Connecticut to recharge or find serenity?

Harkness [Memorial State Park]. It’s where I proposed to my wife, near the beach, right next to the dumpster She never lets me forget that last part; my nerves got the best of me. I never realized it was there.

Whom alive today do you most admire?

My parents first and foremost. Also, my sister Stephanie. She is why I became a teacher. Last but not least, all of the men and women who serve in our armed forces. They do not get nearly the credit they deserve.


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