New London mayor warns salt shortages could affect city streets

New London – Mayor Daryl Justin Finizo in a statement released today, announced a downtown parking ban and winter parking restrictions to go into effect at 2 a.m. Thursday. He also warned about a lack of salt.

Residents not affected by the ban should park on the odd side of the street. All downtown residents may park in the municipal parking garage at no charge until parking restrictions are lifted.

The mayor urged residents to be cautious in advance of Thursday's expected snow and said the parking ban is being put into place early Thursday to avoid disruption to downtown businesses.

"By morning, we expect heavy snowfall and treacherous conditions. Stay off the roads if you possibly can, and give yourselves extra time if you must travel," he said in the statement.

Parks and Highway Superintendent David DeNoia, in the statement, warned that a statewide salt shortage may hamper storm response.

"Like many Connecticut municipalities, we placed our order weeks ago but haven't received it. Even if a small expected delivery comes in late today, the City doesn't have enough to fully salt the roads tonight and tomorrow," DeNoia said.

Snow from previous storms has created ice pack, causing roads to narrow. DeNoia said crews will need residents' cooperation with parking restrictions in order to make streets passable.

Public Works Director Tim Hanser, in the statement, said all road equipment is functioning and all plow routes will be fully staffed. However, he said, one of the two city sidewalk snow removal machines is out of service so residents should expect delays in the clearing of sidewalks in and around the city's parks, parking lots and schools.

Hanser said Thursday's trash and recyclables pick up would be delayed one week.

Residents experiencing power outages should call CL&P at (860) 286-2000. The city will open the Senior Center as a warming center if significant power outages occur, the statement said.

Decisions on school closures are made by the superintendent and will be announced directly by the New London Public Schools.


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