Education reform group backing Stefan Pryor

Regarding the article "McKinney calls for resignation of education commissioner" (Feb. 4): All Connecticut students, regardless of race, income or zip code deserve the opportunity to succeed. Our public leaders in education, such as Commissioner Stefan Pryor and our state lawmakers have the responsibility to ensure our schools are supporting our children so they can thrive.

Unfortunately, not all of our children have access to great schools. In many of Connecticut's largest cities, kids are falling behind. In New London, nearly two in three third-graders are reading below grade level, according to the State Department of Education. To improve these outcomes, Commissioner Pryor has been working hard, in partnership with teachers, school and district leaders, to implement landmark education reforms like Common Core State Standards and teacher and principal evaluations. These efforts are key to ensuring our students will be college and career ready.

I support Commissioner Pryor and hope that election year political stunts don't harm our state's progress toward better supporting all our students.

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