TV tip: "True Detective"


Sunday, 10 p.m.

Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey in big-screen worthy appearances. Great writing by Nic Pizzolatto, a former college professor. Stunning shots of Louisiana. Music by T Bone Burnett. Oh, and one of the most talked about TV sex scenes with little-known Alexandra Daddario. Welcome to the hottest new show of 2014. At the heart of the series is a murder, but the soul of the show is the relationship between two Louisiana homicide detectives whose solving of the crime in 1995 is being questioned in 2012. Harrelson and McConaughey are brilliant in the portrayal of the two cops, 17 years apart. Harrelson is still southern cool but a few pounds heavier. McConaughey has moved from quirky to unhinged. It's only a few weeks into what will be an 8-show season, but it's hard to imagine "True Detective" not being nominated for a host of Emmys and winning many of them. This series alone is worth the price of HBO.



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