Reporting added pain to family's mourning

This is regarding my brother, Floyd Smeeton. My brother just died a tragic death and your newspaper is dragging his name through the mud. Not all of his family had the same last name. We didn't know anything about the animals until they had already been collected by animal control. We were also told by the police that we had to stay away from his house because they didn't want anyone removing things from the house.

My brother worked nights and slept during the day, which is probably why not too many people saw him during daylight hours. There were times when I came to visit and couldn't see him because he was sleeping.

I am also disappointed with The Day for dragging up something that happened to our family many years ago, "Compactor death remains a mystery," (Feb. 7). You don't know the whole story and I am not going to rehash something that happened 40-plus years ago. Just because someone does jail time doesn't mean they were guilty.

Please let our family mourn the loss of a much loved brother.

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