Nightmare Air plays the Oasis

Heading into Austin's always-fun but hype-happy South-by-Southwest music festival, fans and insiders wait to see who will emerge as sure-thing acts.

Here's a sneak-peek opportunity for you.

Taking a circuitous route to SXSW, the Los Angeles band Nightmare Air stops by New London's Oasis Pub on Friday. It's easy to hear and see why the trio, with a sonic recipe of droning/ambient undercurrent, zero-to-sixty guitar rock and haunting, sky-fall vocals, have the major labels drooling.

What's even better: the full bill for the Oasis show includes New London's Suicide Dolls and Mystic's Slander. Musically, it's a perfect blend; the three esteemed groups played together a year ago in New Haven and bonds of affection and respect were forged. Should be a fun night.


Nightmare Air, 10 p.m. Friday, Oasis Pub, 16 Bank St., New London; with the Suicide Dolls and Slander; $5; (860) 447-3929.


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