Ledyard adds $173,000 to snow removal budget

Ledyard — The Finance Committee voted Wednesday night to overspend its public works winter operations budget by up to $173,000, as well as appropriate $91,259 from a state special revenue grant to cover road salt and sand costs.

Up to $20,000 from the Town Council contingency fund, $10,000 from the Inlands, Wetlands and Watercourses consultant line item, and $2,000 from the IWWC operating line item will be transferred to cover snow removal costs.

In addition, up to $50,000 from the police salary account may be transferred as needed to cover employee overtime and reimbursement.

With the transfers, the snow removal budget will increase to $385,000 from $212,000. The transfers will be made April 1, though there may be additional costs before winter comes to a close.

- Anna Isaacs


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