Idiot voters, masochist Catholics back Obama

Awarded the 2013 "Lie of the year" plus three biggest Pinocchios, President Obama is up for a repeat 2014 performance. Obama shamelessly lies to the American people, convinced the stupid electorate who twice put him in office will believe anything.

Obamacare is built on a crumbling foundation of outrageous lies and deception. Obama's incompetence is exceeded only by his arrogance, with a lord and master mentality that is totally alien to freedom and democracy.

This inept, affirmative-action president is a national and international disaster. We now suffer the destructive consequences of "low information" voters, useful idiots vital to the Democratic base. There are also "elites," radical-left college professors and media types that historian Paul Johnson describes as "men blinded by their brains." Union members slavishly follow corrupt leadership, bleeding taxpayers, bankrupting cities and states with exorbitant demands.

Obamacrat Catholics mindlessly enabled unprecedented assaults on freedom of religion, traditional marriage and $540 million for abortion profiteer Planned Parenthood. What masochistic self loathing motivates them to give aid and comfort to Obama and Catholic quislings in his regime? They don't only hide their light under a bushel, but collaborate with the powers of political darkness!

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