Inactive ATM card cause for anger

Just a word of caution concerning bank ATM cards. Banking institution ATM cards can be rendered inactive if not used for long periods, as I found out. I went to order something, only to find out my card was inactive. When I checked with my bank, three different associates gave me three different answers. One said three months, another said six months, and another said one year.

None of us wants to be in a situation where we have the money in the bank only to find out we have not used our card in a while and it is useless; then we have to order another card, which takes over 14 days to arrive.

I'm not sure if all banks do this, but they need to tell patrons the rules. Don't leave your customers hanging in the wind. I wasn't embarrassed, but I was mad at losing out on an item I wanted, which is not on sale anymore and now costs $40 more. But all in all my bank has been great, so with that in mind, I won't mention their name out of respect.

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