Florida should repeal vigilante-style law

I thought I had seen it all, but the Florida "stand your ground" law strikes again. Is it hunting season on teens in Florida? Better yet, what laws are legal in Florida is the better question. There is a song that goes, "A change must come."

We cannot let the Trayvon Martin or Jordon Davis deaths be in vain, America. Florida, we let George Zimmerman get away with one killing. Let's not do the same with Michael Dunn. Walking down the street eating skittles or playing your music loud is not a crime in the other 49 states, but it must be in Florida. Listen, Florida, it is time to get it right, at least one time. Don't let "stand your ground" law be open season on our young African-American men. It's not too late to make somebody pay. It's time for justice to be served.

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