Sane truck mpg rule in an insane world

Thanks for the sanity lifeline "Obama: U.S. to lift trucks' fuel-efficiency standards," (Feb. 19). We went from bad on the cover in Ukraine - 14 died in the Kiev "scorched earth" mass demonstrations, aside the "Tough day to be on the road" (pictures of traffic mayhem.) Then to worse on page 2 as "Protests Turn Deadly in Bangkok," picturing a riot police officer shooting on protesters, leaving four dead. Is our world going crazy?

Maybe so, but raising truck's fuel efficiency standards that will cost $8 billion but save $50 billion in fuel costs is refreshing sanity in what is becoming a scorched-earth world. If achievable, doesn't it make sense to lift efficiency standards wherever and whenever possible? Efficiency: A level of performance that describes a process that uses the lowest amount of inputs to create the greatest amount of outputs. Our world has limited resources to solve unlimited needs, so using the lowest resources always makes sense by saving resources to meet other needs.

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