Williams School teaches local history

Your editorial, "Samuel Smith House: Learning History," (Feb. 12), contained a fine message about the importance of local history. You may be interested to know that The Williams School already has plans for tours such as those that you mentioned regarding "the region's rich history and institutions." The school will be adding a 6th grade next year, and it will be my privilege to be their history teacher.

The course will focus on southeastern Connecticut, and will include such topics as the maritime and agricultural experiences of the people that inhabited and frequented the area.

Students will read published accounts, view primary documents available at local municipal facilities, and visit sites within easy access during the school day.

It is my hope, and that of The Williams School, that this course will, by increasing awareness of the value and significance of their community, inspire students to become active members of their community. By giving them a sense of place and belonging, it will provide the basis for engagement in local government and civic organizations, and foster stewardship of the environment.

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