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Day's Fischer deference has failed to inform

As a former New London resident and observer of that city's educational follies, I for one am grateful the New London Board of Education voted to not renew the contract of Superintendent Nicholas Fischer. Unfortunately, The Day consistently chooses to make Fischer out to be an educational messiah, which he is not.

Alvin Kinsal was president of the board and head of the hiring committee that hired Fischer. He and the board were forewarned that Dr. Fischer had a reputation as a bully and anti-teacher. Fischer's claim to fame is getting rid of tenured teachers.

The Day chose not to investigate and report on an investigation of Dr. Fischer regarding an altercation with a female student. The attorney appointed to conduct the investigation was anything but impartial. Unfortunately, the teachers and administrators are forbidden from publicly commenting on this matter under the district's policy manual.

Until the socio-economic conditions in urban cities are addressed at the state and federal levels, there will be an achievement gap and it will not be the fault of the teachers and administrators, as Fischer stated it was during one of his infamous dressing-downs of teachers in a faculty meeting at New London High School.

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