Promoting sound morals, how crazy is that?

Religious conservatives are at it again. Alabama Republicans are proposing the Ten Commandments be brought back to schools. What's up with those fanatics pushing morals down the throats of our future leaders, government officials, judges, lawyers, mothers and fathers, sons, daughters and, of course, politicians?

Why would a civilized society encourage silly behaviors such as do not murder, do not steal, and be truthful?

Haven't they noticed how much better things have become without prayer and Christmas carols in schools?

So what's wrong with a few school shootings, teachers on heroine allowed to teach because they did it on their spare time, homosexual lifestyles being part of the elementary school curriculum - and let's not forget cucumber condom day!

What's the big deal? So what if a past president lied under oath, had sex with an intern and didn't inhale or that a married congressman sent nude photos of himself? As long as those yahoos who "cling to guns or religion" are kept out of schools we will all be better off, right?

But it is nice to reminisce about the good old days when God was in schools and guns were not.

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