Malloy's poke at Jindal made transplant proud

Kudos to Gov. Malloy. As a Connecticut resident I was very proud of our governor for taking on Gov. Jindal of Louisiana outside the White House. Jindal claims to have the answers on how to fix the problems that ail our great nation. His state ranks in the bottom 10 in education, poverty, income and the environment. His leadership does have his state in the top ten for crime.

As one who was born and raised in Louisiana, I must say that with all of its faults, I will take Connecticut. I understand that Jindal has a race to run and that he is the consummate politician. He even changed his name to Bobby to endear himself with the electorate. He has failed at improving his own state and would now like to run the country.

Malloy was courageous to not let him get away with campaigning on the White House lawn. Jindal's right-wing, right to work, top down philosophy is really just anti-worker rhetoric. Malloy, keep up the good work, you make me proud.

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