This warming differs from those in past

This letter is in response to, "What of past warming?" (Feb. 20). During the Triassic era, (some 200,000,000-plus year ago), the planet's continents were connected forming a mega-continent that was concentrated about the equator and this is the reason for the temperature being mostly tropical during this period.

When the continents separated (continental shift), they began to cool. The Pliocene era was from 5.33 to 1.81 million years ago. During this period, the Earth's average temperature was 2-3 degrees Celsius higher than now. During this period the forming of the polar ice caps had begun as the continents continued to separate. After the Pliocene period came the Pleistone era that lasted until some 12,000 years ago and was also the most recent ice age.

Scientists say man is causing global warming because of our extreme use of fossil fuels beginning during the 1800s. The Co2, sulfur and other gasses that this produces are increasing the world's temperature. In less than 200 years our Earth has warmed significantly. This has occurred before, but reasons for the last global warming began some 200,000 years ago and took many thousand of years to bring the climate that allowed mankind to flourish.

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