Day wrong giving Krauthammer venue

I was surprised that the Washington Post published a recent op-ed by Charles Krauthammer titled "The Myth of Settled Science" which tried to debunk Climate Change theory and was disappointed that The Day republished his article under the heading, "Climate change church demands total fealty," (Feb. 22).

Krauthammer's article is laced with errors in classical logical argument and hyperbole. First, many of his assertions are ad hominem. These are emotionally charged statements to demonize the messenger in order to engender our distrust of his message: for instance "those scientists who pretend to know... are white-coated propagandists," "debate is settled," asserted propagandist in chief Barack Obama and, "But whoring is whoring, and the gods must be appeased. you send your high priest (in carbon belching Air Force One) to the bone-dry land."

Secondly: Krauthammer sets up "straw men" (Obama and Kerry) who make statements about "settled science" without any authority in the field of climatology, and it is easy to knock down these strawmen with a false analogy with recent publications about mammography and breast cancer diagnosis. Third, he only puts forward statements from one side of the argument.

Krauthammer's entire op-ed is an exercise in absurdity.

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