Old-salt submariner: Keep ladies off subs

It's hard to believe that anybody who has served aboard submarines can support women (enlisted or officers) for duty aboard submarines.

Historic Policy: No woman will be stationed aboard a submarine with a career path to achieve Enlisted or Officer Submarine Warfare (Dolphins).

Politically correct decisions made to appease liberal government leaders are unacceptable in reaching competent submarine command decisions. Women are groomed for emotion peace; men for unemotional war. If you want unemotional women for war, you must start their war training at birth, just like men. It can be done if society will allow it to happen.

It is a long haul for a woman to take the command of a nuclear powered and armed submarine, the most deadly killer ever built. Men are cool, calm, collected, and cold-hearted killers when needed. Not women!

You are naive and don't understand human behavior and are inviting the death of submarine crews and existence if you think women can equal men in the submarine force who live 24/7 on the risky high seas and make second to second life-or-death decisions.

Don't do that!

Submariners: Stand up for your manly legend and love for women.

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