Day editorials just can't be taken seriously

The editorial, "Gun owners must obey registration law," (Feb. 20), led me to ask, again, how The Day's editorial staff expects to be taken seriously?

Am I a conspiracy theorist because I question the standard boilerplate that passes for reporting today? A wise friend said the only conspiracy theories are the history we don't know. I don't believe, for one second, the official tale of the Sandy Hook murders. There are more gaps in the sanctioned Newtown narrative than a long picket fence.

Why are we lectured about the need to obey "any law" after The Day, by proxy, endorsed the propriety of black civil disobedience in a Jan. 20 editorial, "MLK: 'We will reach the goal of freedom'," featuring MLK's "Letter From a Birmingham Jail?" Included was Saint Augustine's remonstration that "an unjust law is no law at all." Why such hypocrisy?

We have "unconvicted felons" in Connecticut because of reflexive politicians; that's why! What happened to critical thinking and common sense? Ironically, the state legislators who passed these recent gun laws were themselves in violation of the 1986 McClure-Volkmer Act prohibiting the registration of guns and gun owners. History has consistently shown that registration is a precursor to confiscation.

Think it can't happen here? Don't bet the rent.

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