Firefighters put out car fire that broke out during Guard training in East Lyme

East Lyme – Firefighters on Friday were called out to extinguish a car fire that occurred during training exercises at the Stone’s Ranch Military Reservation.

A junk car used as a training aid caught fire when a non-explosive, smoke-generating device was placed underneath it as part of a training exercise being conducted by the 106th Operational Search Squadron of the New York National Guard, according to Connecticut National Guard spokesman Col. John T. Wiltse.

The unit, which conducts recovery missions for downed aircraft, was trying to conceal the vehicle as part of an aerial spotting training exercise, he said.

Two U.S. Air Force helicopters and a C130 Hercules aircraft were in the air circling above Stone's Ranch as part of the training exercise.

No injuries or other damage to equipment was reported.




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