'Czars' and bureaucrats radically changing U.S.

The budget submitted by the president continues to rub our noses in his economic equality agenda. The continued veiled threat of Executive Orders to ensure economic equality is a diversionary tactic. What and who we really need to fear are the unelected, appointed "czars" quietly working in the background on the myriad regulations that will eventually complete the transformation of America this president is focused on.

He understands his constitutional limitations and also knows the czars are not subject to the same scrutiny. These appointed left-wing progressives, many who embrace various "ism" ideologies, pose the greatest threat to America as we know it.

They quietly continue to look for more regulatory opportunities that meet their agenda to radically change America. They remain unchallenged by our elected officials.

The only "ism" these appointed left-wing progressives do not embrace is exceptionalism; specifically American exceptionalism.

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