So many problems, so little leadership

Many of us old VFW vets who served during WWII and Korea, especially in the Merchant Marine and Navy, and have sailed all over the world are concerned about the lack of leadership of our country and that not only includes the executive branch, but many other agencies that seem irresponsible or out of order or out of control. The worst examples are the long investigation relative to the Benghazi murder of four Americans, which the government was not willing to call a terrorist attack, and the incident where the FCC was about to violate it's own Freedom of Information Act Rules and was proceeding to spy on newsrooms, until it was discovered and stopped by the manager.

No one was ever brought to justice in the various IRS cases of non-profit status denials and now the attention of the president and Congress is divided between what to do with the faltering Obama health care program, the Muslim Brotherhood threat, and now President Putin's threat to occupy the Ukraine.

In the meantime, our military must shrink.

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