Mixed-up priorities, law without purpose

I found it interesting - although I don't own a gun - that the state police just had to come out and say they could, if ordered to do so, go door to door confiscating what are now illegal guns, owned by formally legal gun owners, who did not register them.

I wonder, would they go door to door and confiscate babies under the age of 2 if ordered to do so?

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama are not enforcing laws that they don't believe in, contrary to their oath. So why should anyone obey these new gun laws if they believe them to be unconstitutional? Even in the military, you don't have to obey an unlawful order. I realize the state police would like to keep their jobs, but I am disappointed in them. Why didn't they go door to door confiscating illegal guns before? Because they didn't know where they were and still won't, after confiscating the ones they know about.

These laws serve no purpose.

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