Strange Brew welcomes The Adam Ezra Group

The Adam Ezra Group
The Adam Ezra Group

What is it about "Band" that sounds better than "Group"? After all, most music dudes who decide to front their own act and use their own name seem to affix "Band" to the appelation, as opposed to "Group."

Dave Matthews Band. Zac Brown Band. Steve Miller Band. Allman Brothers Band. The You Get the Idea Band.

There are far fewer "Groups," although Jeff Beck gave "Group" a big boost when he chose to name his own, ah, band The Jeff Beck Group in the early '70s.

Well, Adam Ezra had never followed the norm, as he'll prove when he brings his adamantly named Adam Ezra Group on Saturday to the Strange Brew Pub in Norwich. A roots rock outfit from Boston, the AEG won last year's Band of the Year (Group of the Year?) at the New England Music Awards. Their latest CD, "Ragtop Angel," captured Album of the Year in 2012.

What's not to like? Their music summons aural visions of The Boss, Matthews and The Fray; their concerts are full-on exercises in pure energy and charisma; and they're good and socially committed dudes, to boot.


The Adam Ezra Group,
8:30 p.m. Saturday, Strange Brew Pub, 297 W. Main St., Norwich; $10; (860) 886-7600.


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