Poor Montville watches big bucks for Revere

The article, "Revere, Mass., voters ante up a 'yes' vote for Mohegan Sun," (Feb. 26), revealed the Mohegan Tribe will pay Revere $33 million up front with an additional $25 million a year, increasing to $30 million a year after seven years. Revere will also receive $45 million for infrastructure improvements.

By comparison, the tribe pays Montville only $500,000 in lieu of taxes, while taking Montville properties into trust that reduce our tax grand list by over twice that amount. After about 17 years the tribe has still not reached their reservation limit of 700 acres and by carefully selecting what to add could take years and many additional properties off our grand list.

Example, the tribe pays only $10,000 on a 92-acre parcel of "sacred" land, which remains not part of their reservation, while their electric substation, which once paid Montville $232,000 in taxes, has been declared reservation land and no longer taxed. With more than 45 homes on Broadview Avenue now in trust, I wonder if children living there are receiving a tax free education in our schools?

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