Don't double down, Norwich, on bad hotel idea

Soon, the mayor and Norwich City Council will take up whether to help fund the hotel at Salem Turnpike and Interstate 395, built next to (actually, it's within) a cemetery. This was a bad idea from the start for several reasons. There already is a hotel across the street. The view to the east is I-395 (constant trucks and traffic), to the west is a graveyard. "I see dead people," could be their slogan, sometimes from both east and west views.

The original senseless people with the great idea to build this thing have long since gotten smart and abandoned the project. Now the next group of foolish people want Norwich to cede a whole big pile of property tax and other revenue so that they can revive this ill-conceived idea. If they want to rebuild this mistake, I say all power to them, but let them spend their own money.

Lastly, what will it say about our town when visitors check in and see the wondrous sights from their rooms? My guess is that they will never return.

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