Remember in Groton, town manager manages

Interesting article on the business community's complaints about Groton's planning and development office - "Groton hears calls to be friendlier to businesses," (March 10). While not a business owner, I have obtained over a dozen building permits since 2008 reconstructing my house. I've dealt with three different inspectors as well as the front desk staff and the supervisor.

All have always been responsive and efficient in dealing with my needs. To the complaint that it is "not a department that says how you can do something, it is a department that says how you can't do something," good advice requires both and I've received both from the office.

Substantively, the suggestion that the planning office should report directly to the Town Council represents really bad governance.

It's not the role of the council to manage the operations of any town department; that's the town manager's job. Political chicanery would be too likely to occur if a political body such as the council were to have direct authority over the planning office.

If the council is unhappy with a department's operations, it should work with the manager to adopt more satisfactory procedures through the established rule-making process.

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