New London must refocus on helping business

After Mayor Finizio's meeting with concerned citizens and the recent op-ed, "High hopes: For all the talk of a new vision for New London, there is no plan, little leadership," (March 9), by Peter O'Connor, I feel compelled to write.

New London has been losing tax-paying businesses to the surrounding communities for years. The withdrawal pace seems to have recently quickened; one opens, two close their doors. Be it the Parade, City Pier, Waterfront Park or other civic improvement, I've always thought the absence of private sector involvement a mistake. Taxes pay the bills.

As noble as it is to right social ills, if no one is there to pay the bills, you wind up chasing your tail come budget time. David Dinkins, former mayor of New York, concerned with social inequality, still courted and grew the business sector because he knew who paid the bills.

Our mayor cannot be a one-hit wonder. New London cannot afford to wait for whomever succeeds him. We cannot let two more years slip by with little to show. Are we engaged with our remaining businesses? Do we have a team of knowledgeable, energetic boosters out beating the bushes, extolling our virtues, enticing new businesses to locate here?

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