No basis for blocking cross at 9/11 museum

Recent claims by atheists that the display of an "I" beam structure discovered in the wreckage of the World Trade Center, which resembles a cross, causes them various maladies and violates their First Amendment rights are baseless. In this instance, they not only contradict themselves but also destroy their case by trying to use a shield as a weapon. They make the absurd claim that those who do not share their views must be silenced in the name of "freedom of speech."

Our Constitution is about what government can't do and not about what we can. Note that there has been no issuance of any law restricting the rights of any atheist to voice any opinion on this subject. There has been no overture by our government specifically endorsing the display.

In the final analysis, their complaints are either a thinly veiled attack on Christianity or they are crying out just to hear their own noise. In either case, only a lack of understanding of our Constitution and laws can allow them to proceed with their destructive self-serving agenda.

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