One happy ending, but too much cruelty

After reading the article in the Day newspaper, "Dog abandoned in Groton finds home with Westerly family," (March 3), it leaves no doubt in my mind: angels do exist. How else could you possibly explain how many individuals were trying to catch this dog for days, and then the dog is drawn to this one particular human? Things are meant to be, and this dog was meant to have her forever home with this wonderful family.

Regarding the original owner, where was her conscience to do such a cruel heartless thing, in this freezing weather, leaving the dog with no food, shelter or water?

I have a little pit bull and she cannot take the cold for very long. She goes outside to relieve herself and she heads back inside where it's warm.

If you are unable to take care of your animals, contact your local police department or bring them to the Humane Society, at 169 Colchester Road in Quaker Hill.

Please, have a heart and don't just let them go out into the wild, frightened and confused. Domestic animals do not know how to hunt for food.

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