Officer Yorke Teaches Safety Class at Ryerson School

Police Officer Jeremy Yorke gets the attention of students as he teaches a safety lesson in health class to 3rd graders at Ryerson Elementary School. Officer Yorke spoke about being a Madison police officer. The students also practiced some of the exercises he had to do at the Police Academy. These included push-ups, sit-ups, and running in place. He explained all of the equipment on his duty belt and passed around his badge for everyone to see. He also talked about when to dial 911, how the call goes to the dispatcher, what information the caller should provide, and the emergency response by police, firefighters, and paramedics, depending on the nature of the call. He handed out emergency information cards for the students to fill out with their parents and keep by the phones at home. Students then asked questions "and we had some wonderful discussions," Sue Daub, the physical education teacher at Ryerson, said.


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