John Winthrop Music Students Soar

On Feb. 28 and March 1, 24 music students from John Winthrop Middle School (JWMS) attended the Connecticut Music Educators' Association Southern Region Middle School Concert Festival. These students were selected after successful auditions and spent many hours preparing challenging music for the festival. They participated in a two-day rehearsal process that culminated in a final performance. JWMS was represented by two instrumentalists in the orchestra, two in the band, two in world drumming, and 18 singers in the two choirs. Additionally, JWMS had more singers accepted than any other school in the Southern Region.

The students involved were Tori Adamczyk, Brandon Amara, Kimberly Berardis, Addie Byars, Rylee DaRe, James DiLuca, Maddy Evans, Meagan Gephart, Silvia Gopalakrishnan, Alexis Hartman, Maddie Hawkins, Abigail Johnson, Freddie Kerr, Jonathan Leffingwell, Juliette Linares, Tesla Lowrey, Corinne Magee, Catherine Malli, Isabelle McDonald, Bridget Monaghan, Hannah Proteau, Meaghan Reynolds, Imani Shortz, and Rider Strano.


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